The Twalking Challenge

Estamos comprometidos a prevenir dos de las principales amenazas que desafían la salud de nuestra sociedad: el sedentarismo y la soledad.

We are committed to prevent two of the major threats challenging our society’s health; sedentarism and loneliness.

Inscripciones disponibles hasta el 20 de Septiembre. AQUÍ

Registrations available until the 20th of September. HERE

Verano del 2020. Estamos disfrutando de unas de Vacaciones maravillosas en Londres junto a amigos y familiares. De pronto, una crisis mundial provoca la cancelación de todos los transportes. No hay aviones, barcos ni autobuses. La única forma de volver a España es a pie. Tendremos que caminar una distancia de 1439 km y todos -los más jóvenes, los débiles, los más fuertes y los mayores- absolutamente todos, queremos llegar a casa por navidad.

We have been planning a wonderful holiday to Barcelona for many years. We were going to spend Christmas with lots of our friends and family on the beach. Many of us have not seen each other since we were kids. It meant so much to us all to be together for Christmas! Everyone was meeting for dinner, drinks and dancing by the beach, and at midnight the most amazing firework display.

By summer, everything had been planned and we were all excited about our trip to Barcelona.  Unfortunately, a Global crisis struck and affected everybody’s lives and plans. Now, at the end of August 2020, there are no flights abroad, ferries, coaches or any means of public transport to fulfill our trip. The only way to travel to Spain is on foot!!!!

To be able to make it for Christmas, we all have to travel the distance of 894 miles – the oldest, the youngest, the strongest and the weakest – absolutely everyone is determined to reach the beach in Barcelona to celebrate this wonderful Christmas.

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