Thank you for signing up with Interstelar Twalking events.

Do you want a particular image to represent your team?

your captain just needs to email the picture you want to and it will soon appear as your team icon.

To get ready to play, make sure you follow the next steps:

1-Visit the Mission Page (press the link below) .

2-Once in the Mission Page, click JOIN MISSION button at the foot of the page.

3-Select your team

4- Answer a question using words (no numeric digits accepted)

In average, how many minutes do you walk outdoors every day?
No numerical digits accepted, only words.

5-Request to join.

6- Sign in (if you are new) log in (if you participated in previous challenges) You will be asked to add your details and email (Use the same email as when you registered in the Interestelar page)

7- Chose your password. (write it down somewhere as it may be asked in future)

8- Wait for approval.

Wait before being approved
  • Once you register with My Virtual Mission (MVM), please wait. You will need to be approved by the mission admin before you are onboarded in the Challenge. There may be a delay of few hours.
  • You will not be able to post any activity until the 5th of June (launch date) .

7- Once you are approved, you are in!!

  • Check your team’s activity and everyone’s activities pressing on the “Mission” button.

8- Each time you walk, you can add your km manually.

You will also need to use these steps when adding your BONUS NATURE (20 km /week)

Press in the “Progress” button at the foot of the page.

  • First, add your km. (Be aware only accepts two digits)
  • If your km were done in the previous days, just change your date pressing on the date (in blue) and a calendar will appear
  • You can add a comment inside the square box.
  • Add a nice picture of your walk too. (press on “add a photo from camera roll”, and you will be able to chose from the gallery in your phone).
  • Select mission where distances get posted (choose Interestelar Twalking Nature).
  • Then, press publish and all done!!

9- Synchronising MVM with Fitness APP.

If you do not want to add your km manually each time, you can synchronise MVM with your fitness app.

  • This way, the mission page will automatically load your activities; walking or running.
  • And you’ll see your team icon moving towards the finish line.

To Synchronise MVM with your fitness App, just follow the next steps:


  • Make sure your favourite fitness app has been downloaded in your phone: Strava, Under Armour, fitbit or RunKeeper…

  • If you don’t have any of these apps stored in your phone, we recommend that you download free version of Strava as it’s easy to manage. Do not forget your password as they will ask for it when synchronising.

Synchronise your APP

  • Press on the three little lines at the top left.
  • Drop the menu and choose my connections.
  • Connect to your favourite app (strava, Runkeeper…)
  • you will be asked for your fitness app password.

-When posting activity via your fitness app (synchronised), there can be up to a 24-hour delay before this shows on the My Virtual Mission (MVM) map. This depends on the frequency by which fitness apps share data with our platform.

10-If you have any technical issues, please keep in mind that all participants have access to 24/7 technical support via

but, If you need any further help, we are happy to assist you.

You are now Ready to start improving your health?