Thank you for signing up with Interstelar Twalking events.

Do you want a particular image to represent your team?

your captain just needs to email the picture you want to and it will soon appear as your team icon.

To get ready to play, make sure you follow the next steps:

1-First of all, visit the specific Mission Page for INTERESTELAR TWALKING NATURE (press the following link) .

2-Once in the Mission Page, click JOIN MISSION button at the foot of the page.

3-Select your team

4- Answer a question using words (no numeric digits accepted)

In average, how many minutes do you walk outdoors every day?
No numerical digits accepted, only words.

5-Request to join.

6- Sign in (if you are new) log in (if you participated in previous challenges) You will be asked to add your details and email (Use the same email as when you registered in the Interestelar page)

7- Chose your password. (write it down somewhere as it may be asked in future)

8- Wait for approval.

Wait before being approved
  • Once you register with My Virtual Mission (MVM), please wait. You will need to be approved by the mission admin before you are onboarded in the Challenge. There may be a delay of few hours.
  • You will not be able to post any activity until the 5th of June (launch date) .

9- Once you are approved, you are in!!

At this point, if you want to download My Virtual Mission application (MVM) in your mobile phone and to know more about how it works, keep reading and press the icon below.


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