Every week you can manually add 7 miles after accomplishing one of the bonus resolutions A, B or C.

Your Captain can add 50 miles, only twice, during the challenge, and after accomplishing your team work bonus.

How to add bonuses click HERE


Every week you can manually add 7 miles by choosing one of the following Bonuses:

A-Caring about yourself with “Caring” bonus:

Establish a new healthy habit like a bit of meditation every day, eat more salads and greens, reading a book 20 minutes a day…

or give up an unhealthy habit such as no sweets this week, no crisps, no alcohol, no smoking or no mobile phone during the first hour after waking up or during the last hour at night…

If you stick to it over the course of one week you can manually add 7 miles.

B-Caring about others with “Good Vibes” bonus:

Do something nice to a friend such as baking a cake for your neighbour, calling a member of your family or a friend you didn’t talk for a while, or providing a lift for somebody.

You could also write and upload a nice sentence or an encouraging message for all participants. Attach a photograph and share the experience with everyone in the challenge.

If you send us a picture and explain your good action, you can manually add 7 miles.

C-Caring about the environment using the “Enfield” bonus:

Add a picture of something nice in Enfield; a tree, a pond, a park, a beautiful building or the street market. Add a comment about where it is. Discover Enfield Borough and manually add 7 miles.

Examples for bonuses click here


This bonus can only be uploaded by your captain.

This bonus can be used only twice during the challenge.

Each “Teamwork” Bonus gives your team 50 extra miles.

Organise an activity together (the three of you together); like meeting up for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and maybe sharing some homemade food, going for a walk and pick up garbage in the park, or the three of you meeting for a longer walk one day. You can also arrange a date and help in the school, church or any charity…

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