Bonus Care


These bonuses allow you to manually add an extra 7 miles per person each week after performing certain specific activities.

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BONUS CARE, What is This?

Every week you can add 7 miles by choosing one of the following Bonuses:

A-Caring about yourself with “Resolution” bonus:

Establish a new healthy habit, or give up an unhealthy habit, and stick to it over the course of one week.

B-Caring about others with “Good Vibes” bonus:

Do something nice to a friend such as baking a cake for your neighbour or providing a lift for somebody.

You could also write a nice sentence or an encouraging message. Attach a photograph, Share the experience with everyone.

C-Caring about the environment with “Enfield” bonus:

Add a picture of something in Enfield; a tree, a pond, a park or the street market. Add a comment about where it is. Discover Enfield Borough.

Examples for bonuses click here

D-“TOP UP” Special Bonus of 50 extra miles:

If your team is in trouble for any reason and needs a good push to be back on track.

The “top up” Bonus gives your team 50 extra miles.

All your team needs is one of it members to walk up to the peak of a mountain, the top of a hill or to the roof terrace of a building. Once there, feel the wind and gain perspective; Recall something very good that this person has accomplished and feels proud (not related with professional career or studies) and share it with others . (Maximum one bonus per team, per challenge)

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